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Statement by Managing Director Rami Baron

Managing Director Rami Baron.

The Australian Jewellers Consortium maintains direct relationships with such organisations as the GIA, CIBJO, and the WFDB.

This global pool of knowledge and experience is priceless.

The Australian Jewellers Consortium began in 1996. Now, with over 20 years experience, we’ve managed hundreds of thousands of jewellery claims. This history provides our clients with absolute confidence in managing their jewellery claims effectively – both in terms of cost, and the customer service experience.

Coming from a third generation of jewellers involved in all aspects of the jewellery industry, I have always prided myself in appreciating the enormous breadth of both craftsmanship and the commercial side of jewellery.

The formation of the Australian Jewellers Consortium was the culmination of many years dealing with customers who, having experienced a jewellery loss, suffered the trials and tribulations that resulted when dealing with insurance companies.

1996 saw the launch of the Australian Jewellers Consortium, a company whose sole purpose is to validate jewellery claims on behalf of insurance companies; a process known today as Jewelclaim.

Over the years we have developed numerous web based applications to ensure that we remain at the cutting edge of technology. Within this framework we have also extended our worldwide data sources so as to guarantee we have up to the minute knowledge and pricing.

Our focus has always been based on the same fundamentals as those I was brought up with.

Relationships are based on trust and results; they are strengthened over time when both parties communicate to constantly improve and develop processes.

The Australian Jewellers Consortium is, together with its clients, committed to developing the competitive edge – so critical in today’s business environment.

Rami Baron,

Managing Director, Australian Jewellers Consortium Pty Ltd