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Validating the loss

The most important element of the jewellery claims management solution.
If this is not carried out correctly, nothing else matters.
Our claims team determines an item’s provenance. The aim is to determine whether or not descriptions and values given are exaggerated or whether there are discrepancies which become apparent during discussions and analysis of a claim.


Reporting to your claims team is not just a numerical process but provides them with information designed to assist them when discussing settlement terms with your client. Images are often contained in these reports, giving a visual guide.
Our job is to save money, time and provide information to your claims team.
Having worked with a number of loss adjusting companies and internal assessors, we are ever mindful of the time limitations placed on them. We are aware of our responsibility to minimise time delays.

Quantifying the loss

Our expertise, extensive database of information and sophisticated software – including Jewel Cal – ensures that we are able to accurately calculate competitive replacement prices in Australia.

Information Bureau

A client contact centre. It provides ongoing information, immediate advice and assistance – when required – from jewellery professionals to insurance companies, their policy holders and loss adjusters. This is a complimentary service to our clients.

Document Storage

We store all receipts, photographs, valuations and appraisal documents on our database, should this information be required for future jewellery enquiries and assessment.

Statistical Analysis

Jewelclaim has the ability to generate in depth statistics at a moment’s notice. It can produce information by region, by assessor. Turnaround times can be reflected, amounts claimed, amount settled and clear cut savings. Our statistics are comprehensive.

Salvage Solutions

This is an important service as we are seeing an increasing volume of damaged diamonds. With our extensive contacts in the diamond world, we can arrange for the stones to be re cut and tendered to the trade. (See the side panel) The result? Maximising salvage dollars.


We believe ongoing training is essential for your claims team; we provide basic skills to understand elements of jewellery to assist them when discussing a client’s claim.

International Replacements

As more and more clients come from overseas, they are requesting replacement with their overseas jewellers. To this end we have developed a specialised service, settling internationally on the insurance companies behalf and thereby eliminating cash settlements.