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Australian Jewellers Consortium Pty Ltd

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Sydney NSW 2000
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Over a number of years, we have established a comprehensive database of jewellers in Australia, constantly reviewing their strengths, stock lines, languages they speak and the type of jewellery they carry.

Any jeweller who is commissioned by the Jewelclaim to replace jewellery is checked to ensure they are a registered business entity.

If we are asked to recommend a jeweller, essential qualities we look for to ensure your client receives the very best service in the replacement process are:

  • Reputation – through our industry contacts
  • Quality of workmanship – wherever possible we conduct “blind shopper” surveys to examine merchandise and experience the customer service provided
  • Location – convenience for your customer (especially when dealing with the elderly)
  • Competitive pricing – other than internationally recognised brands such as Tiffany & Co….everything is negotiable
  • Being prepared to release goods prior to payment – unless otherwise previously requested


We are confident that our methodologies follow best industry practices and surpass your requirements under the ACCC.

There is NO restrictive choice of jeweller for your policy holder.  We can deal with up to three jewellers in the replacement process… in the majority of cases your client didn’t buy all their jewellery from one store, so why restrict them to one store in the replacement?

The business rules which were instigated at the outset of our business have been maintained and never compromised.

As a jewellery consultancy we provide advice to our clients at arms length and without prejudice.

We do not supply jewellery unless specifically requested to  by the insurer to resolve a complex problem.